There are many instances in which real estate and personal property must be valued.  In these times of low interest rates, mortgage financing has increased demand for appraisals.  We offer Licensed and Certified Appraisers for all types of real estate in the State of Indiana.  Please note that as appraisers, we confine ourselves to Howard and the surrounding counties.  We feel that it is vital that we understand the market dynamics within the areas of our expertise. 

Therefore, we restrict the area of our appraisals to  Howard and the immediate surrounding counties.  Due to the fact that we are licensed in the State of Indiana, we must adhere to all laws, statutes, regulations, and Uniform Standards of Professional Practice currently in place.  This adherence to these standards provides the customer with confidentiality.  If you have appraisal needs for mortgage lending, estate work, estimate planning, marriage dissolution, or other needs, please call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions, and quote a fee for the appraisal work to be completed.