Auctions have been around since the dawn of civilization.  Examples of Auctions date back thousands of years.  There is something magic about offering an item for sale, and having many people bidding on your property.  If you think about the process, it is the most fair and equitable method of selling.  You literally invite all interested parties within your marketing area to inspect and bid upon your selected property.  All perspective purchasers are subject to the same terms and conditions, which are regulated by the seller and the Auctioneer.  This method of marketing controls most of the aspects of selling property.  Normally speaking, the Auction method of marketing is a relatively quick method of selling in that it typically results in a shorter marketing to sale time than other methods of selling.  High carrying costs are eliminated due to this more immediate method of marketing.  In most instances, the Auction of property creates an urgency to buy.  The seller and Auctioneer determine the date upon which a property will be sold.  A perspective purchaser should realize that the day after the auction is too late!!!  In areas in which the true market value of a property is difficult to ascertain, this method provides a very competitive  example of market value.  The Auction method of marketing draws attention to a specific property.  It is almost impossible for properties being conventionally marketed to compete with one being Auctioned on a specific date.  This focuses purchasers upon the subject property being Auctioned.

Different types of properties require different types of marketing strategies.  We have been successful in selling many diverse types of property, and welcome your inquiries regarding selling yours.  Please call Crume/Ellis Auctioneers for a confidential interview.